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Here at Leighthouse Kennels we do offer Private Obedience classes.

Our Private classes are one on one training with the Owner, Dog and Instructor. All private classes are tailored to the individual needs of the owner and dog. Very few Private classes are exactly the same.

Who would want a private class?

  • Any person that would like to have the Obedience Instructor's individual attention.

Who do we suggest take a private class?

  • Any dog that has an aggression problem

  • Specialized training for the dog i.e. those trying to master and perfect a specific command or area of coursework

  • Clients with certain disabilities or issues controlling their dog in a group setting

  •             Dogs with behavior problems (usually referred to from a Behavior Consultation)


Please call or email us for more information on Private classes. Normally we book 5 week Private sessions at our training center at a cost of $110+ tax for the course.