Albion, New York a great place to live!

That is an understatement. For over the past 30 years I have had the joy of meeting new people, and even some old friends, all with amazing dogs.

I worked for many years as a trainer through Animal Behavior and Training Association (ABTA) via contract at several Petcos in Rochester.

I was certified by them for in-home private classes, behavior consultations and group classes.  I  had many apprentices with me for  those classes.

I even have had more than a few follow me with their dogs when I moved to Albion in 2001! I continued the Petco classes for a year or so after moving here to Albion.

I would stay in the city (Rochester) at my in-laws,  God bless them. Then continue back to my new home here in Albion most nights. 

Added to that, I volunteered at Paws Animal shelter on the weekends, which  was a major turning point for me from what they refer to now as a “ balanced trainer” to a full on positive reinforcement trainer. Not long after, with some major hard work from us, and family we transformed the humble overgrown horse farmette to a dog training business.

And here we are 23 years later and it was all I could have ever asked for. The people and the dogs you brought to me all have left a lasting mark.

I like to say that I give a piece of myself to every dog that I work with. But the  dogs I have worked with has given me their all.

I have learned from every dog and I hope and even prayed for some. I have seen my former 4-H kids all grow up, with some taking jobs working with animals.

Volunteering for 4-H in Orleans county was another change for me from working with mainly adults to kids. Wow! I had to make it fun! I think we did.

Thanks to all of you parents too! One parent came to me one day and was talking about “ how shy she was and now how much she likes playing and talking to her friends”.

It’s took me a minute to realize they were talking about their daughter, not the dog! It changed my outlook on some things again. Training dogs not only changes the dog but the person. It has been quite the journey, we even had one of our dogs star in a movie, an experience that was beyond belief for me!

Albion  has been a great place to live, work and grow, meet new people and become rooted. But now as I transition to a new season in my life, I can’t wait to spend more time  working with my own dogs and enjoying a slower pace. I will still be dog training  as a volunteer..

So please accept my humble thank you to each and every one of you that has worked with me here at Leighthouse Obedience training. I hope that I have helped you and your dogs.